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Believe in yourself
« : 22 Septembrie, 2008, 04:41:55 am »

"Believe in yourself and
You can do unbelievabe things.

In order to succeed,
Your desire for success should be
Greater than your fear for failure.

Our greatest strenght is
Not in never failing,
But in rising everytime we fall.

See an oportunity in a problem,
But not a problem in a oportunity.

Courage is not the absence of fear,
Don't let that
Can't do stop you
From doing what you can do.

Don't wait for the change...
Be the change!!!!!

Quality is not an accident,
It is dedication and hard work.

Knowledge is limited,
But imagination is unlimited.

Remember your successes,
Not your failures.
Failures are the bridges between successes.

You may not always get the work you enjoy doing,
But you can always enjoy,the work you are doing.

Don't worry about the future,
Enjoy the present,
Today is the best day in your life.
Live one day at a time.

We cannot be able to change the things
Wich are not in our control,
But we can change the way
We react to them.

No one is stopping you from being happy,
Happines is your choice,
Worry and stress takes your energy,
Feeling good boost's your energy.
Accept your situation and feel good.
You can manage your stress,worry and fear by
managing your expectations towards yourself."

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Re: Believe in yourself
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"To forgive is to remember,that we have room in our hearts
to begin again and again,and again."
"To forgive is really to remember that we are so much more
than our mistakes."
                       Author Unknown

"Life is an adventure in forgiveness."
                       Norman Cousins 

"Forgiveness is a healing journey for both body and soul."
is a creative act that changes us from prisoners of the past
to liberated people at peace with our memories.
There is no future in the past,
non-forgiveness keeps you in the struggle.
It is not forgetfullness,but involves acceptig the promise
that the future can be more than dweling on memories of past injury.

You can never live in the present
and create a new and exciting future for yourself
and yours love partner
if you always stay stuck in the past.

When we forgive,we are willling to give up
resentiment,revenge and obsession.

Forgiveness is not something we have to do,
but something we must allow to flow through us.
We become aware that we are free and
we can project that love outward,into our world.

Forgiveness is the key to your own happiness
it ends the illusion of separation.

The act of forgiveness constitutes a mental bath,
letting go something that can only poison us within.

When we stop holding on and clinging to anything,
we realise we have everything.
We no longer need to feel burdened by the responsability
of have holding on of something."

Text freely adapted and edited from Daily OM..."BEING Truy Free-Letting Go"

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Re: Believe in yourself
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