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Support and Suggestion Form. / best way to say no
« : 27 August, 2004, 12:29:21 am »
i had a question and i was wondering if i could get some opinions.

there are a lot of times when someone has feelings for you, but u dont feel the same way. how do you tell that person youre not interested wityhout hurting their feelings? what if you 2 are good friends and you dont want to hurt them? wat if they keep on insisting even after a year of telling them no? .. i wish i could get some help with this. thanks . my solution hasnt worked . i dont want to be mean at all and i dont want to hurt him, but im getting tired of it by now and its affecting our friendship.  :-\

What is Love all About / HELP... SHOULD I WAIT??
« : 27 August, 2004, 12:03:59 am »
i really need some advice about this and i was wondering if anyone can give me their opinions i would really appreciate that

theres this guy ive liked for about 8 months. hes very nice and everything i wanted in a guy. he happens to be a little older than me, but that isnt even the problem. we are really good friends and we always make eachother laugh. i never told him how i felt about him, and now he has a gf. i dont think shes with him for the right reasons, but i decided not to interfere. the thing is i still like him, and i dont know wat to do. should i wait for him.. or should i just move on? what if im wrong and were just meant to be friends and nothing else? i simply dont know ...  :'(

What is Love all About / soulmates.. do u believe in them?
« : 26 August, 2004, 09:34:50 pm »
i have been wondering lately if there was such thing as a soulmate. do most people think that there is this one special person out there that we have to find throughout our lifetime... or do we just fall in love with random people we meet?
exista numai una persoana care trebuim sa gasim in viata.. sau ne indregostim de persoane pe care le intilnim la intimplare? ( i dont write well in romanian.. sorry)  :(

Nou veniţi / new girl :)
« : 26 August, 2004, 12:05:26 am »
mOnIcAhello everyone. i have just been introduced to this website and it seems to be very helpful for everyone. its good to see everyone keeping in touch and trying to be there for one another. As for me, it would be nice to meet some people and talk. its my way of keeping in touch with romanian people since i live halfway around the world. ( i do speak romanian, and can write some things, but im pretty much considered to be horrible at it  :P) well i hope everyones doing well.  :)

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