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« : 19 Aprilie, 2005, 08:55:17 am »
          by Sorana Lucia Salomeia
Every hour that passes is a paradise that has been lost.
The past is dead, though it still remains an irreversible chain of vivid paintings.
The past is just a memory in the present, a scar or maybe a star that keeps reminding us of what there was once.

Do not try to go back into the past.
It has no aurora and is not your reason to live.

So head towards the unknown future and turn your heart into the key that will unlock the treasure chest that is waiting to be discovered and explored somewhere, along your path.

If you want to find your true way on the sea of this tormented life, sorrounded from all parts and corners by mysterious smog, open your heart completely, not to the others, but to your own self and let your inner voice get to your ears and be your guiding light.

The song of mermaids will try to lure you and pull you down and make the ship of your life sink.

Be deaf to their seducing voices!
Follow your way and don’t look into the depths for answers; search in the stars and find your aim.

Never lead astray, not even for a moment, and never search for visions in places where you have already been.

Don not cry over the torn sails of you ship and keep sailing towards the unknown – discover its secrets .
No matter how many hurricanes will try to disappoint you, always look ahead with dignity and be yourself –
YOU are the future!
Love is the freedom of the heart that blooms in the warm hands of an angel like the rose of infinity...


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