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« : 19 Aprilie, 2005, 08:50:00 am »
       by Sorana Lucia Salomeia

The moon is dancing on rivers of vanilla,
Enwrapping its diaphanous lyrical being
With smooth transparent ghastly veils
Above the sacred springs of a long – forgotten dawn.

Defying its cruel ominous death,
It crumbles with tender echoes
Over an obscure menacing cave
Wherein an imprisoned angel
Is burning.

Reverberating itself in twin mirrors
Of twilight shades,
A murdered angel’s soul
Is hiding itself
Inside the wicked petal labyrinth
Of a snowy rose.

Feeble as a thread rotten silk,
A restless specter sentenced to life
Embroiders a mystique elegy
On the blue curtains of moonlight,
Stifling the night
With cold fragrances of remembrance and remorse,
Thrilling your every single sense,
Haunting your nightmarish existence –
You – the murderer itself
Who got trapped in a self – indulging reverie
And who betrayed an angel’s elegy
Abandoning it into a field of poisonous thorns.

Copyrighted © Sorana Salomeia, Iasi, Romania
Love is the freedom of the heart that blooms in the warm hands of an angel like the rose of infinity...


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