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« : 19 Aprilie, 2005, 08:41:44 am »
      by Sorana Lucia Salomeia

When the dream of eternity
Becomes the embodiment of a stream of loneliness,
When the vision of endlessness dies out
Into the perfect mirrors of your eyes,
When the night, deep and melancholic,
Stretches its countless arms towards you,
When the ocean’s spirit awakes and rises
In total mystery
From the hallucinating waves,
Hypnotizing you, defeating your shields made of illusions,
Embracing you with the wonder of the corals,
When the aqua moon cries out towards you
But your numb senses are too weak to feel or hear it,
When mortality swallows you inside its devastated grotto
And you become one and the same with it,
When the wells of life refuse your pails
And when our dear angels have turned their backs to you,
That is when you cease to exist
And your eternal passing begins,
Walking through the garden of the forever dying flowers
That continuously lose their dry petals
Which start murmuring with every move they make
On the wings of the wind:
“Your cosmic death is here…”
Love is the freedom of the heart that blooms in the warm hands of an angel like the rose of infinity...