Autor Subiect: friends 4real?  (Citit de 2330 ori)

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friends 4real?
« : 28 Decembrie, 2004, 06:26:33 am »
u said that we would never part
but then we started to drift
i didnt notice at first
but then u started to say we weren't the best of friends
then u said u didn't really know me
but i still loved u
i still wanted u there 2 talk to and play with
i don't understand what happened
how did it go wrong
u made me feel guilty
wat did i do?
do u still think about me?
i think about u
i miss u
i don't understand. 

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Răspuns: friends 4real?
« Răspuns #1 : 28 Decembrie, 2004, 03:20:43 pm »
Very nice! I like it alot. I just don't understand the people that do things like that, it happend and still happens to me. They dont say it in your face, they always hit you when your not looking. Cowards, COWARDS i tell you. Huggles :)
"Better 0ne Life with Rachel, then a eternity in lonellyness"

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Re: friends 4real?
« Răspuns #2 : 04 Martie, 2005, 12:35:43 pm »
What can I say? Just wonderful! :D It's happened to me more than one and I just don't get why people do that! They are cowards to jsut not tell it to your face! And probably weren't worth being friends with afterall!
You might be apart in life but your souls will always be together!


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