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My young feather
« : 05 August, 2008, 07:44:12 pm »
,,Nobody’s home and I feel lost. Inside
There’s a clock counting down what’s left of time…
When you’re alone it’s easy to hesitate
Like a girl listening to her heart break…’’
(ATB – ,,Long way home’’)


I can see you, but who I see
Isn’t you, and shall not be…
I can hear you, but who I hear
Isn’t you and makes me fear.

I talk to you, but who listens
Isn’t you, and I’m helpless…
I touch your hand, but it is as
I touch the death… I’m so tearless…

Where has your soul gone? Answer me!
Towards which light streak it has flied?
Didn’t he know in night’s heart free
A little lightening’s born for him?

A little point of happiness,
Just to be touched, and it will grow.
It could be a round sphere in space,
It could be Universe at a blow.

Don’t kill it by indifference!
No one, nothing deserves to die!
I’m dripping like a rain glance –
You still remain the same as dry…


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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #1 : 06 August, 2008, 12:14:22 pm »

I thought our love was so strong
That it could fight against any evil…
I’m sad to find out I was wrong:
Your soul belongs now to the devil.

We used to belong to each other.
Deep inside, I think we still do…
It’s such a sad situation, and rather
I would keep the distance with you.

I’ve been hurt so many times before
But I’ve never felt I was broken-hearted.
With you, I learned to reach love’s shore,
With you I learned how pain started.

I realized your love isn’t endless,
I found out you could never feel
For anyone a pure love so full of sweetness
As I felt and I feel for you still.

I’m tired of being scared over and over,
Now I know that it could never work.
Though, with you, I felt I was in clover,
I must, I have to pass over this fork.

It’s too late for you to change your mind.
You and me, we’ll go on just like this.
I just hope will come a moment when I find
The true friendship and love that I miss.


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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #2 : 07 August, 2008, 10:47:16 am »

I’m closing my eyes. I’m dreaming.
I dream even when I’m awake.
Thinking of you, I’ve got this feeling
That you’re my dream and my mistake.

Tried hardly and badly to let you go
But you’re still hunting my mind…
Do you wanna be here? I don’t wanna know,
It’s that kinda answer I don’t wanna find.

But, yet, I can’t go on this way,
I feel like I need you forever,
I needed you then, I need you now, anyway,
You just have to tell me that you will leave me never.

Ever feel alone, ever feel upset,
Hope you will tenderly hold me.
I’m feeling blue, I feel sick, but yet
You are the only person who can set me free.


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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #3 : 09 August, 2008, 11:15:52 am »
Sleeping beauty

Briar rose,
Eyes don’t close!
Take my kiss,
Say you miss
All my being,
All I’m thinking…
Please, wake up,
Lift me up!
Through your shine
I’ll go fine!...


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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #4 : 09 August, 2008, 11:19:40 am »

Nestle me – I wanna fly with you,
I wanna see the whole world through!
Nestle me – I want you carry me,
I wanna give my love to thee!

Nestle me – I wanna feel your heart,
I want us never be apart!
Nestle me – you are my shining sun,
I have to know that you will never run!

Nestle me – I don’t want you to leave,
I’ve got so much sweetness to give!
Nestle me – just give me one more chance,
I will never forget your glance!


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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #5 : 09 August, 2008, 11:21:21 am »

To be with you,
You have no clue
What am I going through.
Ever fear –
Another tear
When I don’t have you near.
Just think of me
And I shall be
More beautiful and happy!


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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #6 : 11 August, 2008, 10:26:11 pm »
Sixteen years

Your eyes are driving me in sane,
They keep me warm when outside’s cold,
They fight away all of my pain,
Though they are only sixteen years old.

You have no fear and you’re not shy,
You’re not the child I have been told.
You’re a true man, that’s not a lie,
Though you are only sixteen years old.

I wish your days without sunset,
I wish your life covered with gold,
But, on old times, remember that
Once you were only sixteen years old.

For you

For you, I’m love and peace,
For you, I am magnific,
For you, I’m magic kiss,
For you, I’m soporific.

For you, I’m the whole world,
For you, I am the Sun,
For you, I’m silk and gold,
For you, I’m hope and fun.

For you, I am a godess,
For you, I’m beautiful,
For you, I’m happiness,
At least, I hope it’s true!

For you, I am temptation,
For you, I’m inspiration…
At least, I hope I am!...


,,Such a sweet illness,
This love I’ve got for you!’’
You once told me, unless
I am the one who told you.

I’ve never thought, instead,
That it would harm you so
That you run straight to seed…
But I won’t let you go!

I know, life is too short,
But love – it is immortal,
I’ll take my chance and court,
I don’t wanna feel fretful.

And yet, I don’t want healing,
I wish your heart forever,
I will be ever dreaming
Of you, and I’ll stop never!


Because you must wake up away from me,
Because I hardly get to reach for thee,
Because we have to wait to be together,
Let’s make some wings of this young feather!...

I thought of you all of the night along,
I realized so often we were wrong…
And all my happiness’ far ‘way my sorrow
For you keep saying future is tomorrow!...

(M. Eminescu)

You are a wave
I am a streak,
I am a shore,
You are a sea,
You are a night,
I am a star,
My sweetheart,
My sweetheart!


If you ever will feel sad
Smell the peony of fun.
If you ever will feel mad
Smell the sweet flower of sun.

If someone ever upsets you
Give him the rose of forgiveness.
If you upset someone, too,
Never say the word ,,unless’’.

The camellia of hope
Helps you when you are alone,
If you’re not always on top,
Think of the moss of the stone.

Share the marigold of joy
Everywhere and anyway,
Be pleasant and don’t annoy,
Cull the dahlia of lay.

Give anyone the bluebells
Of the respect and have nerve;
But, in life, only one smells
Your lavender of true love.


It’s raining, you are running
And you are scared of death –
It seems that all the trees are blending
To hurt you and to steal your breath.

You call my name in darkness,
You desperately need my help,
But I’m too far away in distance,
And you’re crying into yourself.

You wish you were dreaming,
You think it is not fair,
But, suddenly, you wake up screaming
And realize it was a nightmare.


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A sorrowful song for the peace of the world
« Răspuns #7 : 11 August, 2008, 10:28:08 pm »
A sorrowful song for the peace of the world

From child eyes of bitter stars
Flow lot of tears, and I can feel
They’re crying for the innocent
Pure, but blood-stained April.

Even the storks, returning back,
Are shouting in an oddly way
A silent curse, wild and trown
Over the world, over the valley.

The nature flies into a temper,
It is starting an endless war.
Our so guilty helplessness
Keeps silence and sadness in store.

The fury, blind by many bullets
And by the lashing smoke in air,
Into the houses, over roads
Is spreading only fright and scare.

The old people are watching this
Keeping so tightened their fists,
Begging for just a bit of caress
To weeping sons erased from lists.

And in this so terrible night
You can hear a mother screaming…
Her soul is teared – she has to watch
Her little baby dieing, while dreaming…

Oh God, listen to our prayers
And only end and stop this wrath!
Just give us that heavenly joy
Of living our lives on Earth.

And cry for us, oh, God,
Have mercy for the heathen!
Don’t let us be more sad!
Forgive this age to Christian!...


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« Răspuns #8 : 11 August, 2008, 10:47:37 pm »

Your skin is like a sun mirror
Your eyes are grain of happiness
Your hands – just a patience prayer:
You let me add myself to these!

Without a clue about your scent
I learned to love just every tree.
Ain’t tasting your caress’ sweetness
I call the breeze with your kind name.

You see, I am made of  three parts:
A white one, a black one, one great.
The white one measures the distance
In sighs and sobs, while I wait.

The black one drains the sea, smiling,
And the great one, down on her knees,
Is just an offering. All three
Merge in the beautiful sky’s seas.

I am the snow twinkling and blur
You – the hourglass sand gold be.
I melt and I become water
In your desert middle oasis.

I would have wanted this would be
A love poem for me and you.
To love you thanks to words, you see,
In silence, the points dancing too.

Now, please close your sweet green big eyes –
In mines, a strange small lightening shows
From my lips a kind kiss just flies,
Escapes thirsting right towards yours.

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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #9 : 11 August, 2008, 10:59:23 pm »
What does this topic represents :) ? I'm a bit clueless and maybe I can contribute if I would know ?


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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #10 : 11 August, 2008, 11:39:02 pm »
Just some of my poems... some of them are made by me, some others are translations from poems in romanian or even in french that i like (the last one, Inchalllah, is a poem in french that my first boyfriend wrote for me  :-[ )
you all are invited to contribute if that brings you pleasure, or to comment my lyrics (they are kinda old, therefore i could have made some mistakes  ;D . i don't really care about that but you are free to emphasize or to correct it  ::) )
Thank you!  :)


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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #11 : 12 August, 2008, 08:03:54 pm »

Someone had decided long ago
That people are allowed to die…
A beautiful, immortal death, a good death,
A gloomy death, a heavy death, full
Of meanings and returns…
He has died shavelling. Still young. He was in love.
His body was discovered reconciled, hot,
Asleep by a great smile.
About himself they found several pieces of paper,
Written with a thrilled hand by a girl;
An unwritten letter, from which
They could find out everything;
A mood certificate, on his name ,
And a tidy, damp handkerchief…
His heart had stopped, great,
After she uselessly had hit in the bars
Of his chest, trying to break free.
In his wide open eyes, the light;
Instead of the life, Her image;
Green, to which the twilight
Was adding dark tresses.

Faithful song

Everything seemed to be for us
Just like a perfect world.
But you just swept it far away
With only just one word!
You said that, from now on, for us,
Nothing, no more, is left
And for just every word of mine
You remained blind and death.

You kept telling me time again
That you’re empty within
And that feelings were gone away
And that’s worthless to scream.
And that you never might again
Be just the same old one…
But yet I can’t believe these things,
I can’t believe we’re done!

You made me feel miserable,
You didn’t think of me.
But I know that will come a time
When you will feel and see
That you could never feel like this
And you could never fly,
Without the wings I gave to thee,
You’ll never touch the sky.

Sometimes I hate you just so much,
But only for I love,
And care for you, and feeling sad
When you can’t book above.
And all your silence tears my soul,
For you played games with me
And I feel like I’ll live no more
And I’ll never be free.

You tried to make me give it up,
But faith has become stronger!
You might never come back to me,
But my love will last longer!
More than forever I will wait,
For that is all I’ve got,
And for your eyes can’t lie me too!
They just can’t play this part!

‘Cause you are lieing to yourself,
And you know it is true!
But you don’t wanna face all these,
You don’t wanna go through!
You’re stubborn and I understand,
For I am stubborn, too!
But I just know that love will best
And will surrender you!

Love just cannot be chassed away
And cannot be forgotten,
For you have tasted tenderness
And happiness too often.
And, damn, I miss you like I do,
But I have to be wise:
Someday you will remember me
And you’ll love me more twice!

I didn’t ask for anything
When I gave you my heart,
But I was hopping you could trust
And wouldn’t fall apart…
It is with you I learned to dream
And to believe in fate
And always to go on and love,
‘Cause it’s never too late!

In my imagination yet
I pictured our seeing
Again, after many  years,
More matures in believing.
I know my words are simple, too,
But look inside my soul:
You’ll see yourself in a warm place
Which’ll never be a hole!

I know behind coldheartedness
There is a shining world
And though you think you’ve already
Passed over world war third,
I’ll show you there’s no such a thing
And there is only peace
When I tell you we’re meant to be
And you’re kissing my lips!

With no one I would replace you
(Direcţia 5)

If you tell me one day morning
There’s nothing left for you and me,
I will believe it’s just a dream
In which nor you, nor me did be.

If you tell me that it’s as light
To start again, to go with stream,
I will believe it’s worth no fight
To pass over that freakish dream.

But if you found a way to stay,
To love me again like you do,
I would stop you to go away
With no one I would replace you.

And even more: a smile to show
I’d live a thousand years all through.
And I’d like you always to know:
With no one I would replace you!

The witnesses
(Ana Blandiana)

More guilty than the ones they’re looking at
Are just the ones that watch shameless at that.
The witness who just wouldn’t stop the crime,
Too careful in describing it at time,
Apologizing ,,I can’t do two things
At once’’ or ,,Victim’s picture, as it seems,
Is more important than his life on Earth.’’
And right until the victim’s second birth
We cannot blame just one, or two, or three,
When armies of witnesses are watching
And wait for all this shit to stop and end,
Of too much life to die the butcher-man
And victim, too, the second time, forgotten,
The evil to end up all of a sudden.
As simply as a tunnel ending…
And just as well as of a gallow hanging
A flag, we hang of our own question.
Only the time may answer: ,,With no reason
You wait. At the big nightmares’ doomsday
The witnesses are guilty the same way.’’

Psalm 62

Oh Lord, my Lord, I wonder if you know
That in the early morning I call you.
I hanker and I’m thirsty for your brow,
I’m waiting for your rain to wipe my soot.

In desert, waste and without water land
This is how I showed up in front of you,
So I can see your power in the sand.
Your mercy’s better than my life: it’s true.

My lips will praise you; trees will be my friends,
So I shall bless you in my life and live,
And in your name I shall raise up my hands
This way I’ll have enough of what you give…

Do you?

Do still know how to keep silence,
Do you still know how to come down
On white steps and autumnal waves?
The narcissus announce, in yellow melodies,
That you will come.
The blue and green windows,
The old windows
Are waiting ceaselessly
The light of your showing.
If you still know how to keep silence,
If you still know how to sing,
You will come to conjure up
Me – your eyes, you – my heart.
If you still know how to cry,
We’ll go in the dark orchard
And, in a blood-stained weeping,
You’ll cry all that you once didn’t cry.
And then we shall keep silence
And we shall leave,
Me – with the agonizing flowers of your eyes,
You – with a dieing hind on your arms: my heart.

Ars poetica

The poetry is not tear,
She is weeping itself.
The weeping of an uninvented eye,
The weeping of the eye
Of the one who should be beautiful
The tear of the one who should be happy.
Human, the poet says, is the word
That sleeps in the stones of the man,
Human is the unword of the man
And still, the man, the man
Is the one who doesn’t believe
Who didn’t believe
Who I didn’t believe
To ever learn dieing.

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Re: My young feather
« Răspuns #12 : 13 August, 2008, 06:22:11 am »
Keep going, dear lumycriss, with your own sure got a lotta love in your heart to share through it all.. :)
And we might just join you as well.. ;)
Poetry and love feel alike in any language..
"Don't let the seeds keep you from enjoying the watermelon"