Autor Subiect: Song of the Frigid Woman / Baby It's Cold Inside  (Citit de 1906 ori)

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Song of the Frigid Woman / Baby It's Cold Inside
« : 01 Decembrie, 2006, 02:17:15 am »
Baby It's Cold Inside by Linda M. Stitt

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Oh Lord, please give me an impotent man.
I enjoy a good hug whenever I can
but celibacy is my ultimate plan,
so give me an impotent man.

He could be taking some strong medication
that dampens his drive, or have some combination
of injury, age, ennui and castration,
just give me an impotent man.

I haven't completely abandoned romance,
I just choose to relate where there isn't the chance
stepping out might involve stepping out of my pants.
Please give me an impotent man.

No thrill in the masculine member I find
since my worn out libido just up and resigned,
but I love intercourse with the masculine mind,
so give me an impotent man.

The truth must be told and the facts must be faced,
no man in his prime or his senses would waste
a moment in chasing the forcibly chaste,
so give me an impotent man.

Oh Lord, please don't send me some lusty young buck
because I'm convinced, with my usual luck,
I'd want conversation and he'd want to physically express his affection.
Oh give me an impotent man.


After reading this poem, I kept wondering whether frigidity is an attitude towards the partner or whether it's just a mental state due to education/upbringing etc..

What do you guys and gals think :) ?


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